Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Late last night, I finished Kim's cow dishcloth.  Wasn't sure I could after burning my left index finger but good on the oven rack while taking out some pistachio pecan cookies.  Lots of errors, but it was a learning process and I really hope she likes it.  Just popping in to say happy xmas before the family gets here to open presents.  All the "usual suspects"...Knucklehead, Caliope, Lenny Bruce and Sasha say happy holidays, too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Froofraw

I love this season. I love Christmas, or the idea of it and the tree and the decorations and the gifting and the baking, even though I'm an athiest. But every year, I procrastinate and end up spending money I don't really have (plastic, pay for it later, the American way). This year was going to be different. And it is. I started knitting gifts in the summer. I'm still knitting away, and sent 6 packages today. I still managed to procrastinate the sending until the very last possible minute. We did get a real tree this year. And yes, I know it's not environmentally correct, but it's grown on a farm, and we'll recycle it. It's the first in three years, since we adopted Sasha. We hoped that she would be a mature enough cat at three years old and that she wouldn't want to climb in, or eat, or play with all the ornaments on the tree. She's been very good so far, except that I can't put bows or ribbons on presents. I hate it that most of my family is at least 1,500 miles away, but I can watch a video of my cousin John's daughter, Erin on YouTube singing a Christmas jingle in order to win a contest sponsored by Target and TJMaxx. Sadly, I haven't met her..I'm in Florida and they're in California. She's lovely. I hope she wins.

Here are pictures of our winter solstice Xmas tree and Sasha and festive holiday den:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Caution: Do not drink beer while reading.

As a library information specialist, it is my duty to read as many books as possible (with the exception of books by Danielle Steel and her ilk) so that I may be a more well-informed reader advisor to our library patrons. With this in mind, I reserved several books recently mentioned in the book review pages of our local newspaper, The St. Pete Times. One of them was Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong by Jen Yates. After coming home with the book and sitting down at my kitchen table with a beer, I began reading and came to page 68. That is when I snorted beer out of my nose. I was trying desperately to NOT spew beer out of my mouth onto the new library book, and the beer just went up the old sinus cavity instead. Carbonated beverages tend to burn a bit when exhaled in this fashion. It seems that Ms. Yates also has a very popular blog. I suggest a look. The descriptions of cake catastophies are even funnier than the pictures, ie. "it looks like some kind of primitive jungle cake being attacked by a swarm of lactating spider-wasps."  Heed my advice, swallow before reading. Oh, and maybe eat dinner first. You may not be very hungry afterward. I could not find the cake from page 68 on the blog, but here's a little taste, if you will...