Friday, October 7, 2011

autumnal knitting

This time of year, I miss New England.  Though the weather has just turned to a slightly cooler shade of summer in central Florida, it's still subtropical.  There are no changing colors and falling leaves.  That happens here in the spring when the live oaks drop massive amounts of old brown leaves and bushels of acorns.

Since we don't have the brightly colored maple, birch and elm leaves I grew up with, I knitted some leaves.
From knitting
 These can be used as dish or wash cloths, trivets, doilies, potholders, bookmarks, legal tender or replacement leaves for a bare-ass tree.  I found two different pattern sets on Ravelry.  I'm disappointed that I didn't find a great (free) pattern for a maple leaf, so I'll just have to make my own.  These patterns are great for beginning knitters.  

The first leaves I knit were from a two pattern set by Tricksyknitter.
From knitting
I then found the Leaf Cloth Trio by Theresa Jones.
From knitting
These are made from Lion Cotton and Peaches and Creme yarns.  Small projects like these are perfect for someone with KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder).  Leslie Stanfield's book, 75 Birds, Butterflies & little beasts to knit and crochet contains many more wonderful tiny patterns taken from nature.