Sunday, February 9, 2014

a little clarification

In 2009, we built a small koi pond.  Last year we made it bigger.  It's about 300 gallons and is home to our one koi, Moby.  We have a good filter system, but lacked a clarifier.  Thanks to my brother, Paul, who sent an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas, we were able to buy a TotalPond UV Clarifier for the pond.  Wayne installed it a week ago. What a difference!  Here's what the pond looked like before:

(except without the carrots, and not as yummy).

The filter was easy to install and will fit 1/2, 3/4, or 1 inch filter hose.  We chose to install it outside the pond just in back of the waterfall.  It can also be submerged.  It will be hidden by plants behind the pond.  It has an indicator light that glows blue to let you know it's working.

In just one day the pond was a lot clearer, you could just see Moby.

Today, just 5 days after installation, the water is almost completely clear.

Moby can now see us and tries to hide when we get near.  You'd think after 5 years of feeding the ungrateful fish, he'd not be afraid of us.  Perhaps he never got over the fright of having his mate attacked by a raccoon.

One day after UV filter installed.
5 days after filter installed.