Thursday, March 8, 2012

everblooming valentine orchid

It has been more a year and the Phaleonopsis we bought on Valentine's Day last year is still blooming.  The bloom spike, unwound, measures 61 inches.

From orchids

From orchids

Bearss Groves is on my way home from work.  I stop there every week for fresh squeezed orange, or tangerine, or grapefruit juice.  Lately, they've also had Phaleonopsis orchids by the register, one for 8 dollars, or two for 15.  I cannot resist!  I've bought four of them in the last two weeks.  Maybe there will be another perpetual bloomer.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

hand painted t-shirts

Thanks to R.Balliot for the phrase, "there's a book for that".  I painted two more shirts recently.  I make them for friends.  They're not for sale.  I painted the first one for me over a year ago.  I wear it occasionally on casual Fridays.  It never fails to get comments from library patrons.

I use Neopaque acrylic paint by Jacquard and a stiff synthetic bristle brush.  Masking tape helps me to keep the lines straight.  After painting, the fabric air dries for a day.  Ironing for 30 seconds front and back sets the paint.  I've washed mine dozens of times and the paint is still fine.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

name the bookmark

What the hell happened to the month of January?  I blink and it's gone.

I've been busy knitting, drawing, writing with an actual pen on paper...more about the pen and the paper later.  I did make a new bookmark, but haven't graphed the pattern, yet.

This is a picture of the 2 test knits for said bookmark.  The third and the one I like best is blocking.  I need to name it.  I'm open to suggestions.