Friday, September 9, 2011

Plato the Play-Doh Dragon

Once upon a time, on a balmy Florida Christmas evening, after all of the guests had gone home except for my brother Paul and Patty, I got out the Play-Doh.  We turned into children, molding the colorful modeling clay.  A tiny dragon was born.  Plato is one inch tall.  She's about 15 human years old, which is 150 in Play-Doh Dragon years.
From Garden
Obviously stunned by being outside for the first time in her life, Plato contemplates the hand that made her. Before I put her back in the curio cabinet, she muttered, "the measure of a man is what he does with Play-doh".

Monday, September 5, 2011

knit a dragon

I've been in love with dragons since I was a little girl.  I collect them in all sizes, shapes and materials.  I draw, paint, knit, or make them with Play-Doh.  I just finished this washcloth, made out of my stash of original Peaches and Creme cotton yarn, bought when the company was still based in North Carolina.  A Canadian company now owns the brand.
From knitting
From knitting
I love knitting pictures!  This one was found on Ravelry.  You'll need to be a member to download it for free.  It's called Chinese Fireball Dragon by Michelle Wright.  The finished cloth is pictured with a dragon made from dyed hemp fiber.