Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Awful Books

I was going to post about awful library patrons.  I will, but later, when the current installment has finished.  Ms. WildHairScreamingConspiracyWoman is not yet done.  She will be back.  A trespass order may be issued.  Stay tuned.

Instead, there are wonderfully bad books to focus on.  Mary and Holly are two librarians who've written a blog in homage to bad books.  Awful Library Books is funny and interesting, giving particular and peculiar insight into the buying habits of Collection Development Departments past.  Revel in such titles as "Hug a Tree: and other things to do outdoors with young children".  Read the insightful commentary on this and other books, weeded (or the preferred term, "deselected", ugh) from library shelves.

The following are not awful books.  Or, they may be, but I cannot comment on their awfulness, or lack thereof because I haven't read them.  Fun with keyword searching of the library catalog:

Keyword in title: "poodles", limit to adult nonfiction.  Skipping the 636.72's, you find these.  You also find one I just put on reserve because I cannot resist the lure of Frank Zappa and poodles in the same title: Frank Zappa: the Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play by Ben Watson.  This book doesn't have anything to do with poodles, I suspect.  I just listened to Hot Rats on my ipod while shelving this morning.  Finding "poodle play" later on in our catalog was kismet.

I thank our wonderful library volunteer, Zoe, for telling me about Awful Library Books!  I plan to check some of these books out before they're extinct.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Orchid People

I've been off work this week.  My vacation (and one county furlough day) was mostly spent cleaning out closets, getting ready for a yardsale on Saturday.  It was beautiful weather and I got a sunburn but that felt good because it's been such a long stretch of awful weather (I don't expect sympathy from anyone living north of Florida).  We made enough to go to the Tampa Bay Orchid Society's Annual Orchid Show and Sale at the Egypt Shrine Temple today.

We came away with 7 new orchid plants.  We always vow to buy just one or two.  That never works. We came home with a phalaenopsis - KV Golden Star, laeliocattleya - Love Knot 'Blackberry' x c. Bactia 'Grape Wax", a vanda - Mimi Palmer,  another phal. - Glory, a tiny otz (oncidium x Rodriguezia x Tolumnia) Chantilly Mist x RCDM Apple Blossom, and two very unusual orchids, one a dendrobium Spectabile and the other is a grammatophyllum scriptum.  The last one, the "gramm", is related to the world's largest known orchid, the grammatophyllum speciocum or Tiger Orchid.  The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has one blooming now.  That plant weighs 200 pounds.  The dendrobium spectabile was purchased from Louis Del Favero Orchids, one of my favorite sellers.  He had some on display, but not with bloomspikes.  He reached behind the counter and said he was saving one with three bloomspikes just for someone he knew - ME.  In about 6 weeks, I should have some spectacular spectabile blooms to post!  Yardsale cash effectively spent!  One meets such nice people at orchid shows.  We're all part of the club, and chat amiably with each other even if we've never seen each other before.

When we got home, we went straight to the backyard and put the bareroot orchids in baskets and pots, rearranged to move all of the catlleyas to a sunnier location and sat back to enjoy.