Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sorry about the bloglect. here are some flowers.

Hello.  My name is Leigh and I have been a horrible blogger.  I have been practicing blog neglect, or bloglect, if you will, due to a terrible case of "I don't give a flying crap about anything".  I am pulling myself out of that netherworld.  Triggered by being told by the library director that my position will be eliminated, I flew into a depression that is slowly subsiding.  I have since been offered a position and I will still have a job at the library doing the exact same thing, albeit with a smaller paycheck.  It's my reward for 30 years of dedicated enthusiastic service to the public.  Yeah!  I still have a job.  Damn!  I have to find a way to pay the mortgage.

Full disclosure...I've added an Amazon thing to the blog.  If you click through a book link, and buy something, I get a couple of pennies.

What has helped my mood is spending time in my garden, knitting, and my wonderful husband, Wayne.  Also, reading other blogs that I love, like Mara's blog Fantasia.  Back in March, she wrote about a gardening book that I subsequently ordered through interlibrary loan.  The book, Dear Friend and Gardener, is a series of letters between Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd.  It was comfort reading.  In a very odd coincidence, shortly after I read this book I received another book that I had put on hold.  I reserve tons of gardening and knitting books every month.  The next book to come was Color for Adventurous Gardeners by Christopher Lloyd.  Serendipity!

I promise to keep up with this blog.  I realize I've missed writing, and I hope you've missed reading.  Here are pictures of some currently blooming orchids to make up for the gap.  Things are looking up.  The rainy season is here.

Odd colors in a V. Mimi Palmer.
From orchids
From orchids
From orchids
Sunlight through purple vanda.
From orchids


Mara said...

Glad you enjoyed the book. So sorry to hear about your problems at work. Hugs...

Leigh said...

Thanks, Mara <3