Saturday, September 14, 2013

whale, ho!

We built a small backyard pond four years ago, originally to hold our large Butterfly Peacock Bass, Jack.  After Jack's demise, we bought koi for the pond.  Moby is now almost four years old and 2 feet long. Last summer we enlarged the pond, replacing the rigid pond liner with flexible liner.  We also upgraded the filter system.  The one piece we haven't had in the budget is a UV filter.  We've had such a hot rainy summer, that the pond has had a perpetual algae problem.  Cleaning it is a big job.

Wayne saved the rigid pond liner, which he set up and used to hold the fish while emptying the pond.  Lots of muck on the bottom was removed and the filter medium thoroughly cleaned.  After refilling the pond with water from our well, we let the filter work for a day.  In the meantime, Wayne set up a sun screen so the temporary pond wouldn't get too hot.
Shaded temporary pond on the left

a really big net

Moby now has a nice clean clear pond, as do the 2 large Plecos and the frogs.

We can see him again, and sometimes we can hear the waterfall when the cicadas shut up for a minute.

Fire pit area, bird feeders and pond

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