Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting to know my iMac

It took me more than a week, but it's out of the box, and into the renovated home office. The new iMac was just so beautiful, I couldn't set it up in the dingy little room that once housed my utilitarian Dell (wheezing and stalling and acting generally slow and buggy). I still have a hell of a lot to learn. Everything I have learned so far has delighted me to the point of tears (what's that all about, hormones?) Just a few minutes ago, I clicked on a group of photos in iPhoto and then slideshow. It adds theme music (or any music I choose) and one can even pick from several slideshow formats like "Ken Burns" (which has jazz music and zooms in on faces and pans the pics), or "Shatter" which I liked a lot and would love to be able to add here, but I haven't learned how to do that just yet. The downside of all this is I haven't been knitting at all this week. On the upside, I learned that I can set up my own wireless network, and that now I can annoy my dear husband, Wayne, by checking out google earth from my ipod while we're having dinner together. I really need to do something nice for him. He picked the color for the office and did most of the painting (I did all of the edging and cleaned windows). It looks wonderful. Sam's coming over tomorrow to help me get my address book and email from my old pc to the mac. Here are some pictures of the new office. Before shots can be imagined if you think of yellowed 30 year old miniblinds and dingy white walls.


Jimi K said...

Wow! Looks great. You're facing a different direction now and will have to turn your head to see the hummingbirds outside your window. I never noticed that there were two windows in there. Love the wooden blinds. Maybe you could put a mirror above the Mac and still see what's going on outside. Wayne will have to keep an eye out for something unusual.

Eric said...

Really beautiful look in the room. The color is great. And there's a lot of room on the desk for yarn and other such important things. If you get a convex mirror over the imac you can view the rest of your new office without turning your head. You might be able to find a second hand one they use in stores and put a nice edge/frame of sorts. Knitted, of course. Let's do video today!