Monday, March 1, 2010

Soap and Apples

There it is.  It's in it's perfect box.  It arrived today all the way from Shanghai in just 8 days.  So quickly, that I don't even have my wireless network set up yet.  I will RTFM, then call my buddy, Sam, who is a pc specialist (but not a mac specialist) and we will get this big bad beautiful piece of ultra-modern technology working.  I feel like I have to paint my office and scrub the floors, and get new window treatments.  I am not worthy.  Wait...yes I am.  And I have next week off to polish my imac's new home.  As if this were not enough to make me giddy with happiness, I just heard from Jenny at Miss Jenny's Soaps that I won the February drawing and she's sending me 3 bars of her fabulous organic artisan soap for free!  I chose lemongrass and cinnamon and asked her to pick another for me since I already have lots of patchouli, my favorite.  I think I should buy lottery tickets.  I think I'll paint the office green, a nice sage or maybe more of a teal.  And bamboo blinds.

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Eric said...

I can't wait to see you on it on video chat. Email me to set up a time. Wow, a whole week off in front of your iMac! Paint? What paint? Back to the Mac.