Friday, February 25, 2011

knitting balls

Knitting a ball opens up so many creative possibilities.  It's easier than it looks.  I found this simple pattern, called 'Oh Balls!' on Ravelry (must be a member) and quickly knit up two of them as cat toys.  They take a tiny bit of worsted weight yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease) and 4 double pointed needles.    

I used bits of batting to fill the balls halfway, then poured some catnip in them, then more batting.  In the smaller blue ball, I put a bell.  The larger ball, at about 2.5 inches diameter, was knitted on size 8 bamboo needles and the smaller one, a little less than 2 inches diameter, on size 6 aluminum needles.  I like the bamboo needles better as they're grabbier and will not drop out of the stitches.  

Using double pointed needles can be confusing at first.  I suggest searching out YouTube videos and watch how it's done.  It's so worth learning this method!  You can now knit teeny tiny tubes!

Now that I've mastered balls, I can knit octopi and an eggplant!  Eventually I hope to graduate to praying mantis.  Amigurumi Knits
by Hansi Singh is one of my favorite knitting books, and I have yet to try any of her patterns.  They intimidated me.  I now have no fear!  
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Knucklehead is crazy about his new toys.  He's our old boy at 15 years, and still playful.  
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From Blogger Pictures

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Mara said...

OOooo that opens up a whole new wonderful set of ideas about what to do with my odd bits of yarn.

My cat Fire would love these..... :)