Friday, September 25, 2009

The Zen of the aesthetic knitting environment

I’m beginning to realize that creating a pleasing color-coordinated and uncluttered environment for my knitting time is almost as important to me as the act of knitting itself. I find myself clearing the kitchen table, my favorite knitting spot where I can interact with my husband and watch TV with him, of all newspapers and books. We have a collection of antique Hull pottery. I’ll select a piece of pottery that coordinates with the yarn I’m using and with the place mats on the table. The lovely pottery bowl, which matches the yarn I’m using, makes me happy and I can sit for hours stitching away. The vessel also serves to corral the ball of yarn and hold the work when I need to get up from the table. I’m happiest knitting in my kitchen, but I can knit almost anywhere. Except at work. I tried that during my lunch hour, and found that I will not be left alone to complete even one row without having to sign something or find something or show a new volunteer something. I wonder if this need to stage the environment is Martha Stewart Disease (I’m a fan, actually), a sort of tasteful OCD. I guess I’m okay as long as it doesn’t impair my ability to carry on a normal life. I would never have knitted my sister’s shawl with the blue place mats on the table. Are there any other knitters with this peculiar compulsion?

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