Saturday, October 3, 2009

Double the knitting fun

While futzing around on Ravelry, I spotted a pattern for a dishcloth with a cow on it. My wonderful stepdaughter collects cows (not real ones, that would take up a lot of space). Making it will require my learning a new technique. Double knitting is not something I was familiar with, but the results so far are amazing! The pattern itself was short on information for someone new to this method, so I went to YouTube and found a great series of three videos to get me started.  It was easy to follow LiatMGat's instructions.

My only question, after watching all three tutorials, is how to bind off so that the bind off row matches the cast on row.  I'll ask her, and let you know what she says (unless you know and can tell me first).  I've changed the pattern a bit, using the video's cast on method instead of the pattern's (tricky one, that, but looks nice), and adding a stitch on either side for the slipped first stitch and the purled together last stitch. 

Now, with this, I have 6 projects going! 

Picture of cow-loving stepdaughter, Kimberly and adorable grandson, Krue...


Eric said...

Maybe if you bind off one color, turn and bind off the other so the colors are where you want?

Leigh said...

Good point, but I wasn't so much thinking about color as stitches. With the cast on, you have a nice even row of 1/2 the number of stitches you'll end up with on the bind off row. If you tried to bind off 2 together for each stitch, it would be too tight and pucker.