Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life without the Internet

What did I do every day after work, before I had a computer and the Internet? That would have been 15 years ago. I had a chance to remember the good old days when I lost my connection for 3 days this week. I have DSL through Internet Junction. It relies on Verizon to supply a working phone line to my house.  When the DSL light on my modem would just blink at me, I called Verizon first...on my cellphone (Sprint), because there was so much static on my land line that I couldn't converse.  The automated Verizon voice, very pleasant btw, had me do a test or two on my end and then informed me that they could have a technician at my home no earlier than Monday the 19th (5 days away at the time), sometime between 8 am and 9 pm.  Woohoo, thanksalot.  I was resigned to wait.  Later that night, dear hubby answered the phone and the nice automated Verizon voice asked a few yes or no questions, one of which was answered incorrectly, "yes" and the trouble ticket was closed.  The next morning, Thursday, I called Internet Junction, just to be sure it was the phone line as I suspected.  A real human took my call immediately and said she could not "see" me, saying she'd put in a trouble ticket with Verizon.  A Verizon tech was at my house the next morning, found a corroded line, replaced it and I was up and running Friday afternoon.  I guess it pays to be a company and not a lowly individual resident where Verizon is concerned. 

What I did in the meantime...knit, read, pet the cats.  But I really missed this.

Picture from Icanhazcheezburger LOLcats

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Eric said...

As a Sprint employee I have no comment about Verizon's service. But I am glad you are back with us and have the world at your finger tips. By the way, I got my yarn for my vest and am dutifully doing a swatch like a good little knitting boy.