Saturday, November 14, 2009

Charting a Knitted Lace Pattern

A while ago, I downloaded a free font program to chart knitting patterns called Knitting Symbols by CET V2.00. I've run across a couple of lace patterns I really like and just finished a dishcloth pattern I found on Ravelry. It's called Elvish Leaves. The first time I started knitting it, I frogged it after 20 or so rows because I ended up with 45 stitches on my needle when I should have had 39! I need pictures. Charts speak to me. I can follow them. So I made one for this really nice lace pattern created by Kelley's Yarns. I hope it links correctly here. Please let me know if you cannot access the file. I'll make more of these cloths. It was really fun to knit.  This link should take you to a pdf file for the chart.  Updated document on 1/31/10 to correct row 7, which should be k3, purl 33, k3.


Gloria said...

Sorry, delete the extras.. I just figured out why my posts were not showing up.

Leigh Myers said...

Hello, Gloria! I've been lax posting my blog of late. I'm glad I checked in and saw your comment. Have you been able to download the pattern correctly? It's just a .pdf file, so you should be able to print it without downloading fonts. You can also get it from Ravelry.

Leigh Myers said...

Actually, the pattern on rav doesn't include the chart last time I checked. Let me know if you need help.