Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ungrateful Furballs

After spending hours of my vacation knitting a gift for my cats, it was finished. I staged a picture of the finished Mouse Mat by putting Sasha on it. She obliged and lay down. For two seconds. Long enough to snap a picture. I've put it various places around the house to no effect. Except for Knucklehead, who did lay on it once, they've ignored it. I want to make several of the mats and replace the crappy Petsmart cat beds, which, once imbedded with fur, do not ever get clean again no matter how many times you toss them in the washer and dryer. So...I put the mouse mat on the table in front of the window where they all hang out, removing one of the three crappy beds. Later, I walked into the room to see three cats in two beds and the mouse mat forlornly empty. Sasha and Lenny were squished into one bed. Which is weird, because Lenny doesn't usually tolerate Sasha being that close to him. Got a picture of that, too. I think Sasha must have sensed that my feelings were hurt, so she moved over to the mouse mat. Either that, or Lenny told her to get the hell off of him.
From Dragon's Orchid Garden
Knucklehead tries out the mouse mat.
From Dragon's Orchid Garden
"What is that thing?" "You lay on it." No. YOU lay on it." Sasha and Lenny uncharacteristically snuggle up together.
From Dragon's Orchid Garden
Sasha tries out the mouse and finds it good. Lenny's happy to have his bed to himself.

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Jimi said...

The mouse cracks me up with those x eyes. But the snubbing of the mouse is hilarious. Once they realize that it is imbued with eau d'Leigh they'll be pushing each other off of it. There are rarely more than two cats in our house at once and they can share. One will do nicely, thank you in advance.