Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Husband is Full of Awsomeness

Here's just one little reason why.  Weeks ago, I dragged him to my favorite lys, Fiber Art, when we were out running errands.  I needed a certain size needles and some yarn.  Actually, I just needed the needles, but the yarn just jumped at me and landed in my arms begging to go to my house.  It was Berroco Lustra in teal, but I digress.  Then, this last Sunday, I joined a knit-along group on Ravelry.  All of us are going to knit the Echo Flower Shawl.  I went online to KnitPicks to order a ball winder for the yarn I was going to use, because I'm weary of winding yarn by hand (though I'm damned good at it).  I also ordered a set of Options interchangeable needles, and though I was going to use yarn already stashed, I bought 3 hanks of Alpaca Cloud Lace in midnight heather because it was a great deal and the shawl will look gorgeous in that color.  Getting to the awsomeness now...after making my online purchase, I walked into the den to tell Wayne I'd bought the needle set.  He looked really angry, or upset or something I couldn't quite figure out.  I asked what was wrong, was it the money?  He wouldn't talk.  I needled him (figuratively).  He got up and left the room and came back with this:

From knitting

From knitting
I was speechless.  I burst into tears.  He wasn't just bored when we were at the yarn store and Roz had shown me the new addi clicks and I said I loved them but didn't want to spend that much.  He remembered and went back there later.  He bought them out of his stash money to give them to me for Christmas, but I spoiled the surprise.  That was why he was upset.  Just before he gave them to me, I had told him I didn't need such expensive needles, that the ones I ordered would be just fine (talking myself out of the addi's mostly).  He's done this before.  And that's just one little reason why he's the awesomest husband in the world.  So Roz, (who's married to a Wayne, also), aren't Waynes the best?

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Eric said...

That's wonderful! I have knitpicks but I'm sure you will love these. Yea Wayne!