Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Freeze Aftermath

For the last few days, we’ve been back to our normal balmy temperature and humidity after a full week of below freezing temps at night. It’s time to do what we can to clean up the yard. It was with trepidation that we removed the heat lamp and the tent made of sheets and blankets from around the orchid table. To our surprise, all 80 or so orchids looked healthy and green. Several even bloomed! We took the remaining orchids out of the garage and the house to get some sun and some much-needed rain.

Yard casualties include our Traveler’s Palm, which was just getting big. It was spongy and brown almost down to the base. I’m hoping that the roots are okay (it was wrapped). Plumeria and desert roses also suffer from spongy rot and will have to be cut way back. We’re doing that now, as the rot tends to spread and kill the whole plant. If you cut it now (and protect it from further cold), it may stop the spread. Cardboard palm (coontie), hibiscus, rubber plants and ixora are all brown leaves, but should recover. Leaving those until spring returns.

So, Wayne decided to launder the umpteen bazillion sheets and blankets we used to cover stuff. Guess what happens to an old blue velux blanket that’s been left out in the elements for a week and then thrown into a washer! It makes blue soup. Wayne opened the washer (trusty 23 yr old Maytag) before the spin cycle to find the blanket had disintegrated entirely. We used hands and a sieve to fish out all of the blue bits, squishing the water out and tossing the sopping mess into a trash bag. Took about 10 minutes. At least the plants will have clean sheets to wear for the next freeze, though I really wonder why that matters. Hubby’s a bit OC about stacking mildly dirty fabric in his garage. Our garage is a marvel of myriad tools and stuff, with just a narrow aisle down which to walk.

Knucklehead, Lenny and Sasha (Caliope is a loner, and won’t get up on our bed) have become used to sleeping on our bed since we bought the electric blanket (first night after the freeze and our central heat stopped working). We put the blanket away last night, but the cats are still on it. Here’s a good excuse for not being able to make your bed:


Jimi K said...

I still have one more load of yard sheets to go. Leon thought I was OCD, too.

Leigh said...

I think we did 5 loads of yard sheets yesterday. I have to admit Wayne's right (and so are you), that they should be clean before storage. Let's hope we won't need them again this winter. WOOT! I have a follower! Thanks BFF!