Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

A recent thread on Ravelry posed the question “What is your ultimate knitting pattern…something you’d like to knit before you die”. I’ve had my eye on one pattern since my cousin, Eric, turned me onto it. It’s a sweater from a Japanese pattern book, Couture Knit 13, Neat, Beautiful Knits. I mentioned it in the thread and was subsequently contacted by a new Ravelry friend who said a Japanese bookstore in New York near where she lived had the book and she could get it for me. I happily responded with my address and requested that she let me know how much total for the book and shipping, offering to send a check or pay her with Paypal. The next week, I received the beautiful book with a sweet note telling me not to worry about payment, that this was a gift. It’s one of the nicest things anyone, let alone someone I’ve never met in person, has ever done for me. I wrestled with the idea of sending her a check anyway, but instead baked a batch of cookies and sent them with the recipe and a 2010 Burgert Brothers calendar. Now, I only hope I can improve my knitting skills enough to do this pattern justice. Here are pictures of the sweater that caught my eye (every pattern in the book is sublime), and the note from my friend, (((Lenora))).

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