Saturday, January 8, 2011

january is blooming

The temperatures have been yo-yoing for the past month, causing us to move plants, cover plants, bring them indoors, then move them out again.  A few plants really like the cooler and even cold temperatures.
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This is Brsdm. Golden Gamine 'White Knight', purchased at Louis DelFavero's in the summer.
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The tiny blooms of this 'mystery orchid' (we have quite a few that have lost their markers, the squirrels take them), is an oncidium, I think.  It's full of little flowers and has a faint sweet scent.
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Double White Angel Trumpets  made it through the cold as we covered them with a frame and sheets.  We have quite a few different kinds of bromeliads, gingers, heliconias, and ferns.  The newest addition to our ferns comes from my friend, Penny Titus.  She brought me a starter Rabbit's Foot Fern, and gave me instructions on how to get it to root.  I can't wait for fronds!  When it's big enough, I'll pass on starters to my friends.
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Even our purple shamrock is blooming in the helmet basket Wayne made for it.
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It's cold again tonight, and we've brought in the little starter fern so it won't get chilled.  Sasha is keeping me company while I write.
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Now it's time to go back to finishing the rather challenging lace bookmark I'm making.
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Liga said...

Beautiful orchids!That little one is oncidium 'Twinkle' mine too now in flower.

Leigh said...

Thank you, Liga. Of course, I now remember the name of the little oncidium, now that you mention 'Twinkle". Rushing off to make a new tag for it.