Monday, January 17, 2011

moonflower lace bookmark

This bookmark pattern was the most challenging so far.  I've done 6 others.  One of the challenging parts was remembering that I'm knitting most of it in a reverse stockingnette stitch, so that purls are in the front and knit stitches are the wrong side.  This makes the rib stitches that make up the stem of the flower and the ribs in the leaves really stand out.  The back side looks nice, too.  Another challenging part of this pattern was learning the correct way to YO or yarn over between knit and purl stitches.  If you don't do it the correct way, your yarn holes will close up.  The finished pattern can be found on Ravelry for free.

One more challenge was translating the chart from my pencil and graph paper to a table with knitting symbols in Pages.  By now, I'm getting almost as good at typing in knitting symbols as I am at typing letters!  I got lots of practice with this one.

The pattern is adapted from one in the book, The Essential Stitch Collection by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths.  It has very clear photographs of finished patterns as well as charts and written instructions.  There are 300 patterns grouped by type, from cables to lace to stranded and intarsia.  Patterns are graded by skill level.

We have a moonflower vine (Ipomoea Alba) growing on the pergola over our koi pond.  At least, I think it will come back this spring.  If not, it had several seed pods over the summer, from which we've saved seeds.  According to Dave's Garden, the seeds are poisonous if ingested.  We'll have to be careful that cats or kids don't get ahold of them.  The big white flowers open at dusk and bloom through the night.  The fragrance is intoxicating.
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All through writing this, I've had Moonshadow going through my head.  Sharing the earworm:

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