Saturday, March 19, 2011

big beautiful moon

I took my Panasonic Lumix and tripod out to the yard tonight to try to get a great picture of the moon at apogee. It was just rising over the trees and is the closest it has been to earth as a full moon in 18 years. I used at least 5 different settings, but found I miss my old manual 35 mm for this. The one thing I did not do is find the manual focus. That would have done it maybe. I still think the picture is kind of nice, with the focus on my house and the lights inside. I did a better job when the moon was in eclipse.
From Blogger Pictures

Mara, I took your advice even before I read it! I'm fascinated with astronomy, especially moons. Twice a year we host a Star Party at my library. I am honored to host the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club volunteers who bring their big BIG telescopes out for everyone to look through. Our next Star Party will be in November (damn you, Daylight Savings Time!).

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Mara said...

That is a lovely shot :-) A much different look and feel to what I was going for with mine. This is one reason why I love creative stuff. Everyone puts their own mark on a theme and we're all enriched by it.