Tuesday, August 9, 2011

laidback knitting

I had a rare Tuesday off today.  With five inches of rain in the rain gauge, it was not a day to spend pulling weeds, though they will certainly need pulling once the rain stops...sometime on Thursday according to weather reports.  It was a great day to knit.  Happily, I have at hand 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel and Lisa Souza.  I checked it out from my library.  Twice.  I've now ordered a copy, even though I had put a moratorium on buying more knitting books.  This one made me feel okay about the way I approach my knitting.  For me, it is the comfort of having needles and yarn in my hands, gradually seeing a finished object emerge.  I love the finished objects, which are almost always gifts for someone special, but it's the act of knitting that makes me feel good.

In their book, Vicki and Lisa lay out chapter by chapter what it is that makes knitting joyful.  From learning to knit, to spinning your own yarn, every step of the process is written with patterns and inspiring stories of knitters.  Links to knitterly websites are abundant.  I've definitely enriched my Safari bookmarks.  10 Secrets... even inspired me to look at my yarn stash.  Not do anything about it mind you, but look at least.  This is a tiny bit of it.  There's no rhyme or reason.
From knitting
I have a lot more yarn in plastic tubs.  Once I tried sorting it by colors, but felt it really needed to be by fiber content, then quickly gave up.   My books and tools are in better order.  
From knitting
From knitting
So thank you, Vicki and Lisa for breaking my knitting book buying fast, and for the validation.  Looking at my WIPs though, I think my laidbackness may be bordering on world-class procrastination (see sweater I started on circulars about four months ago which is now about 10 rows along).
From knitting


Lisa S said...

Thanks a million for your kind words about the book and the philosophy behind it. If I could do nothing more than whisper in the ears of my spinning and knitting friends, it would be to do what comes naturally. I am OVER being a hunched shouldered knitting fiend and I like it SO much better now. Funny how that works out. Once you relax, anything is possible.

Vicki said...

My co-author, Lisa, pretty much said it all—thank you so much for your write up and comments on our book. Knitting can be such a joyful thing, both the process and the product. You really get it, and that's quite wonderful. —Vicki