Saturday, July 31, 2010

pretty dead things

Butterflies don't live long.  Adults average a week or two.  It takes patience to take a good picture of a live one.  Dead ones are easier.  No butterflies were harmed here.  These are found expired butterflies (and one moth).
From pretty dead things
Gulf Fritillary butterfly caterpillars love passionflower vines.
From Garden
Early in the morning, we can look out the back doors and see dozens of orange butterflies looping around the yard.

From pretty dead things
Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly found dead on a fading red hibiscus. We have a cassia tree in our front yard, which is a host plant for Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly caterpillars. In the winter, around the middle of December, the tree blooms yellow. The butterflies flock to it to lay their eggs and it sometimes looks like the yellow flowers are taking off and flying around the tree.

From pretty dead things
Imperial Moth with spent orchid bloom on a piece of driftwood.

From pretty dead things
25 years of service award...they give me a made in china wood box. In it, I keep dead butterflies (a Giant Swallowtail and a Spicebush Swallowtail) and a pretty little beaded bee that my friend, Annamae, gave me. Curious metaphor.

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