Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesday blooms

We treated ourselves to three orchids when last visiting Louis Del Favero's Orchids on July 18th (and I'd link to their web page, but they don't have one, they're at 6601 Gant Road Tampa, FL 33625).  Two are in bloom.  This is a beautiful Dgmra. Memoria Jay Yamada, 'Kauai'
From orchids
These are easy outdoor growers here in central Florida.  Just be careful not to overwater and protect them from our infrequent freezes.  The next one is  a little one, but not the littlest of the collection.  I love these tiny bloomers!  It is a Phal. cornu cervi.
From orchids
We also purchased a "surprise" orchid, by which I mean they didn't have a blooming specimen, but I knew from the name (It's a brassia hybrid) that it would be beautiful.  I'll post a picture and the name when it blooms.  We just went for orchid potting mix...really, we did.  I justified buying the orchids by saying it's my birthday (and it was, almost).  

On the 11th of July we went to the the Tropical Plant Show and Sale at the USF Botanical Gardens and bought this Z. (zygopetalum) Arthur Elie 'Tombstone' New fireball x royal burgundy from Gross Orchids.  He always has a wonderful display and is happy to give advice, as are all of the orchid people we've met there. 
From orchids
Unfortunately, during a thunderstorm, a branch broke from the oak tree that shelters our orchids, falling on this new plant and breaking off the blooms.  At least, I took pictures first.  
The most exciting bloom for me is the tiniest one.  We've had this cleisostoma crochettii for a couple of years now, and this is the first bloom spike since we brought it home.
From orchids
That's a pencil eraser, in order to give the size some perspective.  

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