Sunday, August 15, 2010

mark my words

I am easing myself back into the habit of knitting every day.  I've had 5 unfinished projects sitting in their bags since February.  Is it a coincidence that I stopped knitting when I bought this imac?  I think not.  I've poked in those bags, and knitted a row or two here and there, but have become bored.  It took something fun and small to get the feeling of passion I have for the craft to resurface.  I'm crazy about knitting lace.  In the last week, I've knitted three bookmarks out of a ball of Mini Mochi sock yarn.  I think I can knit 10 bookmarks from one little ball.
From knitting
I bought the yarn last year at Fiber Art, Inc.  Knitting a bookmark is a great way to practice a lace pattern.  I can make one in just a couple of hours. I love the way the subtle color changes work into the patterns so that each bookmark is completely different.

I have two books with fantastic charts and designs for lace patterns. One is Charted Knitting Designs by Barbara G. Walker, first published in 1972. Her series is a must have for any serious knitter. The other is Vogue Knitting, a 1985 edition. Though both books are far from new, they will never be obsolete.

So, I've got my pencil and graph paper, and I'm designing new bookmarks to make. The ones I made first are from patterns I found on Ravelry. I'm excited to design my own. If I had the time, I'd love to make a ton of bookmarks and painted library related tshirts to sell on Etsy.
From Dragon's Orchid Garden
Here are pictures of the finished bookmarks.
From knitting
From knitting
I decided not to starch them. I like the feel of the soft merino wool just the way it is.

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Anonymous said...

I think I might know why you quit knitting, those really big ones you made, I still have the one you made for Mike and I. THANKS, for making it before you quit.