Saturday, August 22, 2009

An excellent use for a seldom used pool table

After hours of hunching over sans glasses weaving in fine yarn ends I'm ready to block Liz's shawl. This is scary! I'm not even sure rayon yarn will block as well as wool, but it must be done. The big piece of cardboard is covered with a flannel sheet and fits quite nicely on our pool table. I held my breath as I put the shawl in the sink with a little bit of Organix vanilla shampoo, swished it around, then rinsed it twice in cold water. Next, I rolled it into a Nightmare Before Christmas beach towel to remove the excess water. Laying it out on the cardboard, I used a tape measure to get all of the edges straight and even. Used all but 2 of the 120 pins. Wayne and I moved it from the pool table to the workbench in the garage to dry and to prevent any kitty shenanigans. Whew! Time for a cold one and work on something simple, like dishrags.

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