Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Russian Bind Off. Liz's shawl is almost finished!

I finished the last two rows Sunday night while dear hubby channel surfed as is his SOP. I worked last night (Monday), so didn't have a chance to finish. The pattern calls for a Russian bind off, and gave directions, but I wanted to see how it's done and turned to trusty YouTube for a video demonstration.

After watching, I feel much more confident. I stopped at Michael's after work today and picked up blocking pins (I hope 120 will be enough). I have a door sized piece of cardboard covered with a flannel sheet on which to block the shawl. It will have to be in the garage, as I can't trust my four cats not to mess with it! I've been careful not to let them near it as my sister is allergic to cats.

This video is the first time I've seen the continental method of knitting used in action. I've read that it's much faster. Maybe I can get my clumsy American fingers to do it if I practice. Pictures of the finished shawl should be ready tomorrow or Thursday.

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Jimi K said...

Wow! I opened your blog and saw your first entry (and became your first loyal follower). Leon called me for dinner and when I came back you had finished the shawl! That didn't take long at all.