Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finished Shawl

Thank you to my neighbor, Melinda, for being the model.

Next, I have my eye on Wendy Knits Exonumist's Shawl (an exonumist is a person who collects exonumia which are numismatic items, as token coins, medals, or scrip, other than coins and paper money)..and socks...and, so many patterns! Now I have knitting bags hanging from doorknobs all over my house. I'm going to put it in the mail on Wednesday, when I have a day off, as I promised Rosalind at Fiber Arts, Inc, that I'd show it to her when it's finished. It's already more than a month late for Liz's birthday, what's another couple of days?


Cousin Eric said...

The colors are perfect for Liz. She will love it.

Jimi K said...

Wow, it turned out beatiful! Liz is going to love it!